Bishop Wayne Kirkpatrick will be installed as the 10th Bishop of the Diocese of Antigonish on Monday, Feb. 3, 2020.
We are all invited to welcome Bishop Kirkpatrick in prayer (see below) and by attending the installation events:

Installation Mass will be Monday, February 3, 2020, at 3pm at St. Ninian Cathedral.
Evening prayer will be held at 7pm on Sunday, February 2, 2020 at St. Ninian Cathedral.
A reception will follow each event. 


Five Questions with Bishop Kirkpatrick:
(From This Month in the Diocese, January 2020)

Bishop Wayne Kirkpatrick1. You were born and raised in St. Catharines, Ontario. What are your impressions of Nova Scotia and our diocese?
I have visited the area in the past. It will be a new experience for me living in Atlantic Canada. I will no doubt learn more in the weeks ahead. I’m eager to learn and listen. What I know already is that it’s a beautiful area, and famous for its Atlantic hospitality with friendly and kind people. I have experienced a taste of that already. After some of the Christmas Masses in the Archdiocese of Toronto, quite a number of people from the Atlantic region who are living in Ontario have reached out to me. They have enthusiastically assured me that it is truly wonderful place to live and how they look forward to returning.

2. When will you arrive in Antigonish, and what will some of your first tasks be?
I’ll be arriving toward the end of January. My first task is to listen and learn. I hope to be able to journey with the clergy and people, meet them where they are at and learn from them what is needed.

3. You are coming to us from the largest Archdiocese in Canada. Are there similar issues facing our populations?
Of course, there are similar issues but at the same time every Diocese has its own personality, history, needs and charisms. I would say that one similar issue that faces our people is the need for evangelization. It is about helping people to grow in faith and understand how our faith helps us live our lives.

4. You bring to our diocese a great range of experience including canon law, ecumenism/interfaith, and vocations. How would you summarize the role of a bishop and diocese in the world today?
My role is to be a shepherd, helping to guide and direct our people under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

5. In your rare moments of down time, what do you do for fun?
I am a fairly quiet and reflective person. I enjoy walking and cycling.


Diocesan Prayer for our new bishop:
Gracious God, we are thankful for the gift
of our new Bishop, Most Rev. Wayne Kirkpatrick.
We, the Community of Believers of the Diocese of Antigonish, trust deeply in your Divine Providence and in your desire to provide for the needs of our diocesan family. May Bishop Wayne Kirkpatrick be filled with zeal for the Gospel as he ministers as one who is gentle, wise, merciful and devoted in love for your people. May we, your family, receive the grace to welcome our new Bishop as our Brother in Christ.
As he begins his new Ministry as Bishop of the Diocese of Antigonish, we pray that he be filled with gospel courage, wisdom and a deep spirit of consolation. May we welcome him and assure him of our prayer, presence and support as we begin our new journey of faith together.
St. Ninian, Pray for Us. Amen 


About Bishop Kirkpatrick:
See Our Blog 


73557 Year of the Eucharist BANNER v4



"When we celebrate the Eucharist,

we not only attend an event but we are drawn into the great mystery of love

that Jesus revealed when he died for us because of his love.

To draw us more deeply into this mystery, this Year of the Eucharist

invites each of us to a deeper experience of encounter with Christ."


Read the letter from Archbishop Brian Dunn:





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Holy Hour for Ordinary Time (Click to download)



A 90-minute discussion and reflection for parish, ministry and small group use:
"wherever two or three are gathered ..."

Download the resource package 

Watch for our PAUSE for Lent in February 2020




Add this to your next movie night! 

Now available for loan at the Emmaus Bookstores:

Babette's Feast

Babette's Feast (1987) is popularly regarded as a "food movie." After seeing the movie for the first time, viewers flocked to restaurants around the country to experience first-hand the delicious feast they had watched being devoured on screen. Today, viewers will probably have to prepare their own feasts, but the recipes are still readily available. The film, however, is about a great deal more than the pleasures of eating. It is about the discovery of meaning.

The story is a simple one: In a village on the remote Jutland peninsula in late nineteenth-century Denmark, two maiden sisters, Martine and Philippa, preside over a small Lutheran pious sect that their father had founded as a young man. Although the minister has long been dead, a dwindling number of disciples continue to meet at his house to read and interpret the Word. Martine and Philippa now want to celebrate what would have been their long-deceased father's hundredth birthday at a simple supper for his remaining disciples. However, their servant, Babette Hersant, a refugee from the French Civil War, asks to prepare a real French dinner for the celebration, and to pay for it herself from the ten thousand francs she has recently won in a lottery. The sisters reluctantly agree, and Babette prepares a feast that brings about a transformation in the chef and feasters alike. 
Summary by Wanda Avila
 Commentary on Babette's Feast by Bishop Robert Barron

Available from the lending libraries of the Emmaus Bookstores:
Diocesan Pastoral Centre
200 Churchill Drive, Suite 103, Membertou, NS 
902-539-6188 ext 224 or 1-800-656-5311 ext 224

Sr. Catherine Steele Centre
112 North Foord Street, Stellarton, NS 902-752-4822



Our Cross is on the Move!
A beautiful wooden cross made for our Eucharistic celebrations was blessed Nov. 30
at St. Joseph, Port Hawkesbury, and is touring the diocese with the 175th Anniversary quilt.
Inverness/Richmond Deanery:
Dec. 6 - 13 - Cheticamp / Margaree
Dec. 13 - 20 Inverness / Mabou
Dec. 20 - 27 Port Hood
Dec. 27 - Jan. 3 - Louisdale
Jan. 3 - Jan. 10 - Saint Peters
Jan. 10 - Jan. 17 – Port Hawkesbury/ Waycobah

Pictou Deanery:
Jan. 17-24 - Our Lady of Lourdes, Stellarton
Jan. 24 - 31 - Holy Name, Westville
Jan. 31 - Feb. 7 - Stella Maris, Pictou
(Feb. 2-3 - St. Ninian Cathedral, Antigonish)
Feb. 7-14 - St. John the Baptist, New Glasgow
Feb. 14-21 - Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Pictou Landing
Antigonish/Guysborough/St. FX Deanery:
Feb. 21-Apr. 3


March 13 -14 - St. Peter, Tracadie
March 14 -15 - St. Paul, Havre Boucher
March 15 - St. Francis, St. Francis Harbour and St. Lawrence, Mulgrave
March 16-18 – Our Lady of Grace Monastery
March 21 – Ste Croix, Pomquet
March 22 – St. Andrew, St. Andrews and Immaculate Conception, Heatherton
March 23 – Monday – Paqtnkek First Nation


Glace Bay/New Waterford, Northside/Victoria, and Sydney deaneries:
Apr 3 - June 14

For scheduling inquiries:
contact Deacon Berkley Guthro 




















Prayer Cards
are now available from the Emmaus Centres and Chancery Office. 


Holy Hour for Advent resource booklet
Get your copy here.

2020 Calendars 
Featuring scenes of the Holy Land and reflections on Eucharist
Calendars are available through the Emmaus Centres and Chancery Office.


Copy of Copy of Add a heading

A 90-minute discussion and reflection for parish, ministry and small group use:
"wherever two or three are gathered ..."

Featuring the video:
“Bishop Robert Barron on the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist”  

Download the resource package and YouTube video link,
or contact the Emmaus Centres in Sydney or Pictou deanery,
or email Jennifer Hatt for a DVD and print package. 

Watch for our PAUSE for Ordinary Time in January 2020
and PAUSE for Lent in February 2020


Watch now:
“Bishop Robert Barron on the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist” 



Niskam ne'kaw koqqwajeyuksi'k.  Dieu est toujours fidèle.  Tha Dia daonnan dìleas.


          God is always faithful.



 "As I look toward this year of renewal, I am deeply inspired by the fidelity of parishioners who remain committed to their journey of faith ...
May we be inspired to be renewed in God’s love and fidelity as we respond as missionary disciples in our daily lives."

Bishop Brian Dunn

See Bishop Dunn's letter on Anniversary 175 here. 




Thank you, Parishes! 
Our 175th Anniversary Quilt is now complete, with a unique square from each parish. 
The quilt will be on display at our events Sept. 13-15.
Here is a preview:



EN 175thBulletin




















FR 175thBulletin












































EN 175thBulletin2
































FR 175thBulletin2




















































We welcome Dr. Anne Jamieson, Director of Catechesis, Diocese of Hamilton, Ontario as our keynote speaker for our anniversary closing weekend,
Sept. 13-15, 2019.
Meet her and hear her special messages of invitation:





Brochure EN

Brochure FR 


Bulletin insert masters




Our Banners Are Up!

Our 175th Anniversary Banners were designed and crafted by Yvette de Souza-Muise and assembled in our Chancery Office with the help of Cathy Walsh, Executive Assistant to Bishop Dunn and Vice-Chancellor of our diocese, and summer student Siobhan MacLellan. The banners will hang in St. Ninian Cathedral from Pentecost until our anniversary closing celebration Sept. 15.  

Learn more about the artist Yvette de Souza-Muise and the art and faith of her banner designs in our June newsletter. 





Scenes from our Diocese
Anniversary 175   12-month calendar

PDF copy available here



175thAnniversaryHoly LandPilgrimage



Download brochure 

Download registration form 




Our Anniversary Videos: 

History 1844-1910

Social Action 1910-1960

Evolutions 1960-2013

Rebuilding Trust and Hope 2013-2018



Opening Celebrations

Thank you to everyone who attended our regional gatherings:
St. Ninian, Antigonish on Oct. 13, 2018
St. Joseph, Port Hawkesbury on Oct. 20, 2018
Our Lady of Fatima, Sydney River on Nov. 3, 2018
Gratitude to the many volunteers who assisted with planning, setup, Morning Prayer, lunch
and our day's activities.

Regional Gathering: St. Ninian, Antigonish




 Regional Gathering: St. Joseph, Port Hawkesbury 




Regional Gathering: Our Lady of Fatima, Sydney River





Our Anniversary 175 celebrations continue:

Lent 2019: Lenten Parish Missions

Spring 2019: Pilgrimage for youth

September 2019: Diocesan pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Sept. 15, 2019: Diocesan Celebration, St. Ninian Cathedral, Antigonish







St. Ninian,
Patron Saint of our Diocese,
Pray for Us
in our 175th Anniversary Year



Test Link 
























































olgm logo 01 149h






Help the Augustinian Sisters Save Monastery

A total of $800,000 is needed to ensure that the Augustinian Sisters remain at Monastery
and your financial support is required at this time


From Bishop Brian Dunn:

Letter available here in PDF

I am appealing to you in a special way to support the Augustinian Sisters at Our Lady of Grace Monastery, the only clositered community in Nova Scotia. These Nuns have been present at Monastery since 2007. Since the early 1800s, this property was held as a contemplative presence. The Cistercians were there for over 100 years, followed by the Augustinian Fathers and then the Maronite Order.

Recently the Sisters had to negotiate to buy the property of the monastery for $500,000 for approximately 234 acres of land inclusive of the structures, the cemetery and Our Lady of Grace Shrine. Thus, the property will belong to the Sisters and not to the diocese. The transaction will be secured by a 30-year collateral mortgage bearing interest at 2%. The ownership of this property will allow for the upkeep and maintenance of the historic buildings, the cemetery and the Shrine and most importantly, the charism and prayer life of the Augustinian Contemplative Nuns resident at the Monastery. Besides the buying of the property, the monastery needs immediate maintenance including two new furnaces at a cost of $300,000. Thus, a total of $800,000 is needed to ensure that the Augustinian Sisters remain at Monastery and your financial support is required at this time. Their annual operations are covered quite adequately from annual donations.

The required financial resources for the acquisition and required maintenance are beyond the means of the Nuns resident at the monastery who are dependent on Divine Providence for their daily sustenance.

I am asking that every parish take up a special collection for this intention on the weekend of December 1-2.
As well I am appealing to individuals who may be able to donate $1000 to this fund; all we need is 800 people who can give $1000. Donations may be made through the parish or through Paypal on the website of Our Lady of Grace Monastery. The Augustinian Nuns are a registered charity in Canada and can provide official receipts for income tax purposes. Any contribution you are able to provide will be gratefully appreciated and in gratitude, you and your family will be remembered in the daily prayers at the Monastery.

Sincerely in Christ,

Brian Joseph Dunn
Bishop of Antigonish



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