Livestream to St. Theresa's Parish Hall, Sydney

May 4, 10 am- 5 pm

Registration begins at 9 am

The New Evangelization Summit 2019 iwill be live streamed to Catholic church communities across North America.
This conference will include world class speakers that will motivate and inspire you to be bolder in your mission to evangelize.
All from our diocese are encouraged to attend,  from the youth, young adults, CWL, KOC, and lifetime members of the church.
This will be an opportunity for you to be inspired to deepen your faith, to be reenergized to live out your faith with passion and to learn tools to help you to do so. 


NES 2019 features renowed speakers to inform and energize you and your community.

This year's lineup includes:

Michelle Moran - A New Pentecost for a New Evangelization
Fr. James Mallon - The Case for Hope
Michele and Fr. Jon (For their combined talk) - "The Genesis Mission - Simple Relational Evangelizing."  
Cardinal Lacroix - Staying Focused on our Mission in a Troubled World
Michael Dopp - Topic TBA


Register here!

or contact: Anne Stubbert
ph/text 1-902-574-4385


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Cards and poster for download and print:


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Way of the Cross - St. Ninian


“An Adaption of Clarence Enzler’s:

Everyone’s Way of the Cross”

by Bette MacDonald, Donna MacDonald & Donald MacGillivray

Directed by Carol Ann MacKenzie & Donald MacGillivray

Music Directed by Emery van de Wiel

Jesus: Nat Tecle

Christ Speaks: Sheumais MacLeod

I Reply: Briana Lynch-Rankin

Saint Ninian’s Cathedral

Holy Week

Tuesday April 16, 2019

Wednesday April 17, 2019

Good Friday April 19, 2019

All performances are at 8:00 PM

A free will offering will be taken


Niskam ne'kaw koqqwajeyuksi'k.  Dieu est toujours fidèle.  Tha Dia daonnan dìleas.


          God is always faithful.



 "As I look toward this year of renewal, I am deeply inspired by the fidelity of parishioners who remain committed to their journey of faith ...
May we be inspired to be renewed in God’s love and fidelity as we respond as missionary disciples in our daily lives."

Bishop Brian Dunn

See Bishop Dunn's letter on Anniversary 175 here. 




Scenes from our Diocese
Anniversary 175   12-month calendar

Copies available at the Emmaus Centre, Chancery Office and parish offices
PDF copy available here



175thAnniversaryHoly LandPilgrimage



Download brochure 

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Our Anniversary Videos: 

History 1844-1910

Social Action 1910-1960

Evolutions 1960-2013

Rebuilding Trust and Hope 2013-2018



Opening Celebrations

Thank you to everyone who attended our regional gatherings:
St. Ninian, Antigonish on Oct. 13, 2018
St. Joseph, Port Hawkesbury on Oct. 20, 2018
Our Lady of Fatima, Sydney River on Nov. 3, 2018
Gratitude to the many volunteers who assisted with planning, setup, Morning Prayer, lunch
and our day's activities.

Regional Gathering: St. Ninian, Antigonish




 Regional Gathering: St. Joseph, Port Hawkesbury 




Regional Gathering: Our Lady of Fatima, Sydney River





Our Anniversary 175 celebrations continue:

Lent 2019: Lenten Parish Missions

Spring 2019: Pilgrimage for youth

September 2019: Diocesan pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Sept. 15, 2019: Diocesan Celebration, St. Ninian Cathedral, Antigonish







St. Ninian,
Patron Saint of our Diocese,
Pray for Us
in our 175th Anniversary Year



























































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Help the Augustinian Sisters Save Monastery

A total of $800,000 is needed to ensure that the Augustinian Sisters remain at Monastery
and your financial support is required at this time


From Bishop Brian Dunn:

Letter available here in PDF

I am appealing to you in a special way to support the Augustinian Sisters at Our Lady of Grace Monastery, the only clositered community in Nova Scotia. These Nuns have been present at Monastery since 2007. Since the early 1800s, this property was held as a contemplative presence. The Cistercians were there for over 100 years, followed by the Augustinian Fathers and then the Maronite Order.

Recently the Sisters had to negotiate to buy the property of the monastery for $500,000 for approximately 234 acres of land inclusive of the structures, the cemetery and Our Lady of Grace Shrine. Thus, the property will belong to the Sisters and not to the diocese. The transaction will be secured by a 30-year collateral mortgage bearing interest at 2%. The ownership of this property will allow for the upkeep and maintenance of the historic buildings, the cemetery and the Shrine and most importantly, the charism and prayer life of the Augustinian Contemplative Nuns resident at the Monastery. Besides the buying of the property, the monastery needs immediate maintenance including two new furnaces at a cost of $300,000. Thus, a total of $800,000 is needed to ensure that the Augustinian Sisters remain at Monastery and your financial support is required at this time. Their annual operations are covered quite adequately from annual donations.

The required financial resources for the acquisition and required maintenance are beyond the means of the Nuns resident at the monastery who are dependent on Divine Providence for their daily sustenance.

I am asking that every parish take up a special collection for this intention on the weekend of December 1-2.
As well I am appealing to individuals who may be able to donate $1000 to this fund; all we need is 800 people who can give $1000. Donations may be made through the parish or through Paypal on the website of Our Lady of Grace Monastery. The Augustinian Nuns are a registered charity in Canada and can provide official receipts for income tax purposes. Any contribution you are able to provide will be gratefully appreciated and in gratitude, you and your family will be remembered in the daily prayers at the Monastery.

Sincerely in Christ,

Brian Joseph Dunn
Bishop of Antigonish



MyParish App: A Customized App for Parishes in Our Diocese

MyParishAppPicMyParish App provides Mass times, Confession times, event notices and general faith information in an app free to use for any individual who downloads it to a phone or tablet.

As part of our Anniversary 175 celebrations, the Diocese of Antigonish is pleased to partner with MyParish App to make this service available to our diocese and parishes. 

Parishes who sign up receive a free customized app and launch kit, administrative access to upload and update their information, and the first year free of charge. Should parishes wish to continue the service past Year One, a monthly subscription fee of $35 US will apply.

How can MyParish App be of use to your parish?

1. It keeps parishioners connected via technology they use every day.

2. It enables parishioners from away to keep in touch, including family of home parishioners and seasonal residents.

3. It enables your parish to be found by visitors, those new to the area, or those rediscovering their faith. As a subscriber, your parish information is available to anyone in North America using MyParish App.

In summary, the app can expand our pastoral ministry beyond the physical boundaries of our parishes and help our broader parish families keep in touch with their faith and faith community.

Our official launch is Sept. 29-30. There is still time to sign up in time to receive your launch kit.

To learn more about MyParish App and submit the SignUp form:

After you submit the form a representative of myParish App will be in touch to customize your app and launch kit.

To download the app:





Several parishes have already signed up and are using their customized app.
Included are Our Lady of Fatima, Kings Road, Sydney River and St. Ninian Cathedral, Antigonish.

Click 'Find a Parish' on the app and type in their name to see their apps in action.


Questions? Contact our Communications Officer, Jennifer Hatt,