"Gather the people together
and I will give them water."
Numbers 21: 16


Fr. Paul Abbass


General Assembly of Priests 

June 5-7, 2017

Annual Reports 2017

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CBU Chaplaincy 2017

Communications 2017

Emmaus Centre 2017

Implementation Committee 2017

Lay Formation 2017

Liturgy 2017

Mass for Shut Ins 2017

Pastoral Zones 2017

Permanent Diaconate 2017

Priests' Faith Formation and Retreats 2017

Renewal Report 2017

Senior Priests Committee 2017

Social Justice 2017

Vocations 2017

Youth Ministry 2017






Annual Reports 2016

Event Program

CBU Chaplaincy 


Emmaus Centre (updated May 26, 2016)

Implementation Committee

Lay Formation

Mass for Shut Ins

Ongoing Formation and Retreats

Permanent Diaconate

Priests' Compensation Review 

Renewal Movements

Senior Priests Committee

Youth Ministry