"but just as we have been
approved by God 

to be entrusted with
the message of the gospel,

even so we speak, not to please mortals, 
but to please God who tests our hearts." 

1Thessalonians 2:4


Welcome to our new website!






By Jennifer Hatt
Communications Officer
March 2016























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It's finally here and it's a pleasure to say so, for so many reasons.

Connecting nearly 100 parish and mission communities across seven counties takes countless hours, several thousand pieces of code, many prayers and boundless patience, with some chocolate now and then to keep the strength and senses going.

How many prayers? Let's just say Saint Isidore (patron saint of the internet) has become my new best friend.

As all-consuming as this project has been during the past few months, being part of it has been a great privilege. Examining the what's and how's of this website's design and content gave rise to some great conversations, not only about who to list as a contact but what role an office or organization carries in our diocese. All of us involved in this initial stage has learned something by approaching this not just as a website, but as a chance to review and revisit who we are, what we do and how best to share that with our fellow diocesan members and guests.

It is also a joy to share a concrete deliverable on a long-standing project. You all have invested a partner's share of patience in awaiting what has been clearly identified as a priority by our 2013 Congress and in conversations since.

Now, here it is, redesigned on the surface and completely rebuilt on the inside. This is so exciting! It feels good to take a moment, breathe in the new website smell and enjoy what has emerged. 

Yet as we all know, with shiny new comes mystery - how will it function, where are the glitches, what did we forget ... there is work yet to be done, and we invite you to browse our new site and to get in touch.  I hear you, nothing is more frustrating than a misspelled name, errant mass time or link that goes nowhere, so please share any and all of these finds with our webmaster Deacon Art Riley or myself, as well as any suggestions for enhancing our current offering.

There will be more to come! Getting this vehicle designed, built, and activated is the first step. Evolution will come in the form of more photos and stories, updates, and additions, including regular blog posts from a variety of authors.

This website is about connection: between parishes and communities, between organizations and individuals, between our diocese and the wider world. Behind it has been a connection of vision, talents, and faith from the team that brought this project to reality, including:

Bishop Brian Dunn, who demonstrates that masterful blend of keen eye, gentle suggestion and trust in those to do their jobs

Our Diocesan webmaster, Deacon Art Riley, whose experience and skill have been invaluable in guiding the design and technical aspects of the project, including the delicate manoevering of several hundred pages of code from one web server to another and making it all work

Advocate Communications Group, especially Creative Director/web builder Jamie Playfair and Art Director Mike Cugno, who listened, processed, developed and refined the tools for our new identity, including our new color palette, logo and this website

Our Communications Committee, whose members include Bishop Dunn, Fr. Paul Abbass, Fr. Donald MacGillivray, Fr. Bill Burke, Irene Khattar and Lucia MacIsaac. That these very busy people all choose to include this committee in their schedules is a gift in itself as we guide our new communications initiatives through uncharted territory.

Here it is, our new website: codes and words, images and links, and so much more than the sum of its parts. Carried on its pages is also optimism, hope, and celebration, offering a window into our diocesan world, casting sunlight on all the work being done by our staff, clergy, volunteers, ministries, committees, and groups. Like each of us, this site will remain a work in progress, growing deeper and reaching further in our faith. So, enjoy, bask, and keep in touch. Our journey and the fun :) has just begun.