Building Homes and Hope in Honduras






By Wanda Fedora
Latin America Committee











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Continuing in our dialogue of our Diocesan work in Latin America , your  Diocesan Committee for Latin America  reminds us that our Diocese is active and working. Through your generous support we are funding worthwhile projects in Honduras. Our Diocese has had a special relationship with Latin America since the 1950s and our committee is continuing that support to help our friends in need.

A congregation of Carmelite sisters in Tegucigalpa Honduras has undertaken a mammoth project to build 100 homes in a safe community to bring families off the streets. The homes are well underway and families are moving in. The cost of the project is formidable. The sisters trust in God that they will continue to receive assistance from their friends.

Imagine the thought of keeping your children safe on the streets of a city with one of the highest murder rates, per capita, in the world. No shelter from the elements, no barriers against crime. We are so blessed that we have homes and safety and food for our tables. The sisters are striving to bring this to these families; A roof over their head, a safe community to live in and then from there the opportunity to seek employment while their children attend school.

In September 2015 Father Norman MacPhee and Mary Aucoin toured the new community and witnessed the smiling faces of the families as they settled in to their new homes.

Please consider a donation to your Diocesan Latin America Committee to assist in providing homes for the homeless of Tegucigapla.




Chair – Diocesan Committee for Latin America